Why the NBA’s ‘Superstar’ LeBron James Is ‘Pissed Off’ At the New Jersey State Legislature

On Wednesday, state lawmakers in New Jersey approved a bill that would allow a single, private company to control the state’s water supply, and some lawmakers are already talking about how they’ll vote on the legislation.

In the bill, SB 1, which would also make it legal for private corporations to use water for their own purposes, passed the state Senate unanimously and the Assembly by a wide margin on Thursday.

But the legislation also failed in the Assembly. 

On Wednesday, NJ.com reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who was a vocal opponent of the bill in the legislature, said he was “pissed off” by the legislation and called for its repeal. 

In a statement, Christie said he “welcomes” the Senate’s approval of the measure.

“I am pleased that the New York Legislature is moving forward to address the urgent need for better regulation and oversight of water in New York State, and we welcome the Governor’s comments,” the statement said.

“However, the Governor is wrong to equate this legislation with what he and the New Yorkers who support it think is best for New York.

The Governor and his supporters do not believe that New York should have a monopoly on water supply.

This bill does not address the Governor and it does not advance the Governor or his vision of how New York could become a great state.

It is clear that the Governor believes that the public wants the public to know that water is safe and that there are clear rules governing what happens when it’s pumped out of our public water system.”

Christie has called the bill a “total waste of taxpayer dollars” and has vowed to veto the bill.

The New York Times reported that the bill would make it easier for a single private corporation to own a significant portion of the state�s water supply and would allow for water privatization of New York City and other public agencies.

The legislation would also allow private corporations like Con Edison, which is owned by Con Ed, to acquire water rights for their use. 

The New Jersey Times reported in December that Con Edison said it has received “over 50 proposals” for the rights to tap New York�s public water supply in recent months. 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have both said they would veto the legislation, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. 

According to the Times- Picayune, the bill is being debated in the state Assembly and is expected to be voted on as soon as this week.

In a press release sent to the press on Wednesday, the New Yorker Institute, an organization dedicated to water and sanitation issues, said that “The governor and his administration are wrong and the bill will not make New York a more water-secure and more water efficient state.

This legislation will not protect New Yorkers from the health hazards posed by water pollution.

It will not provide for safe drinking water for New Yorkers and it will not save lives and property.

This is the perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Christie administration that has repeatedly said it will work for water and wastewater, but in the process will continue to deny people access to safe water and other services.” 

In the same release, the institute added, “The bill does nothing to address how our state�is becoming a water-sharing city, which has the potential to exacerbate our water crisis and create an even greater water-borne illness.

Read the full article from The New Yorker.”

The Governor should stop playing politics with New York and the people of New Jersey, and return to working with New Yorkers, not against them,” the institute continued. 

Read the full article from The New Yorker.

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