Which player has the best shot to win the Ballon d’Or?

On Sunday, Lionel Messi scored the decisive goal for Argentina, helping his side to a 1-0 win over Spain in the Ballons Croix de Fer on the final day of the Balloni Trophy.

But with Argentina facing Portugal in the quarter-finals, how well does the Lionel Messi that is playing in this year’s Ballon D’Or campaign do?

The Lionel Messi who will win the 2017 Ballon de France, is arguably the best player in the world. 

There’s no question about that.

Messi is the best Messi, at any position, and at any age, and is one of the best goal scorers in world football.

But, it’s important to remember that the Lionel that plays in this season’s Ballons is not the Lionel who won the Balló in 2016.

He’s a Messi, and a player who, as you can see from his incredible goal against Argentina, is a superstar.

He is, therefore, one of those players who will make the final in the 2017-18 Ballon.

The Ballon has been a very popular trophy, and it’s an honour to represent Argentina, but Messi is not only the best at any one position.

He is also one of few players to play in the best position in the game, with Messi having played at both right-back and left-back, with the former being the position most commonly played by players who want to get the ball into the box, while the latter is the position Messi prefers.

He’s not just the best in the field, either, he is one the best players on the field. 

He’s the best striker, as well, and the best goalscorer, as evidenced by his brace against Spain in this final, which he put away in the 82nd minute. 

The Balló was not only a popular trophy but it was also the most prestigious one in football, and Messi has proved this season that he can play at both of these positions.

He scored a goal against Spain, and he has scored a brace against Portugal.

He was named as the Balloner of the Year, and has been named as one of Euro 2016’s most outstanding players.

But it’s Messi’s ability on the ball, and his ability to find space, that has won him the Ballona, and perhaps, the Ballón d’or.

He scored the only goal in the final against Spain. 

“Messi is a Messi of a different class.

He doesn’t need the ball to play.

He knows when he’s the right man for the job.

He has the ball in the air and he knows how to pass it.” 

– Lionel Messi, after scoring against SpainIn 2017, he has had a big impact on how Argentina play, with his pace and ability to break into the opposition box, and also with the way he works in the middle of the pitch, with possession of the ball and the ability to set up teammates. 

His passing has also improved, and with Messi’s team winning more matches, the way in which he passes the ball has become more refined. 

This is something that Messi, who was only able to score six goals in the previous Balló season, scored five in the 2016-17 season, which is an astonishing statistic, and will help his team to a third consecutive Balló title. 

But he’s not only Messi’s player, he’s also a star in his own right. 

In fact, he scored a hat-trick against Portugal in this last Balló final, and was named in the FIFA Ballon Hall of Fame. 

It’s clear that Messi is one to watch this season, and there’s no doubt that his goal against the Spain team in the first leg of the semifinals is going to be the best thing for Argentina to do in the competition. 

So, how will he do in this tournament?

Well, he will be able to claim the Ballone d’Orsio for the first time since the 2015-16 season, as he will join a team that won four consecutive Ballons and the Balloning trophy. 

And that’s not all, as Argentina have been playing a different brand of football this season.

They’re still a team who play with the ball at their feet, and play at a fast pace. 

A game which has been described as ‘dangerous’ and ‘intense’ by some fans. 

 It will be a team with Messi at the heart of it, as the Argentine has been instrumental in their success. 

That’s what will make him an exciting prospect to watch for Argentina in the upcoming tournament, and one that is going the way of the dodo. 

Watching Lionel Messi For those of you who are still unfamiliar with Lionel Messi or who are new to the game of football, the Argentine is a world class footballer who, despite his prolific goals, has also proven himself to be an excellent leader, as demonstrated by the

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