Which country is best placed to hold the next domino?

The next dominos to fall are the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

The U.K. and Germany are the three largest economies, while the Netherlands has been weakened by the Brexit vote.

France and Italy, the two other countries with the most domino-laden economic data, have shown no signs of weakening.

The European Central Bank is due to begin printing $US10 trillion to buy government bonds.

But it’s not just financial markets that are reacting to the Brexit result.

The country of Mexico is also considering whether to follow Britain and Germany and leave the euro.

That would be a major setback for President Enrique Pena Nieto, who is trying to push ahead with a plan to modernize the Mexican economy, even though he has struggled to attract foreign investment.

Even with the U.S. economy slowing slightly, the U., Mexico and Canada are the top four economies in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund.

That means a Trump presidency would be likely to put the United States, Mexico and the United Nations on the brink of a global financial crisis.

Trump has also been critical of the European Union, accusing it of putting the interests of its members ahead of the global economy.

That may have been a factor in Portugal’s decision to pull out of the euro, though the country’s finance minister said the move was about helping its own economy.

Britain and Germany have also seen a drop in foreign investment, though their economies have been boosted by the global financial meltdown.

And, while Trump’s approval rating has hit an all-time low of 52%, it has risen since the election.

“Trump is a lot like Hitler,” said Philip B. Loomis, an economist at the University of Michigan who has studied the U, Mexico, and Canada economies.

“He is a nationalist, nationalist populist who has shown no restraint when it comes to what he says or does, and this is an indication that he’s in some ways less constrained in the future.”

It’s unclear if the U.-Mexico vote will have much effect on Trump’s economic policies, said Benjamin Gomberg, an economics professor at the City University of New York who specializes in the EU.

Trump has signaled he will impose tariffs on Mexican goods if they do not meet European standards.

The two countries are already on a trade war footing, and tariffs are likely to become a major part of any trade deal.

There’s a chance that Mexico and Spain could be forced to cut their own exports in order to protect themselves, according of a report by the U-M.

Larger trade between Mexico and other European nations was $US4.5 billion ($6.3 billion) in 2019.

And while there are no signs that the Trump administration is serious about trying to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, the United Auto Workers union is pushing for the trade pact to be renegotiated.

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