When it comes to poker strategy, there are no simple answers

I spent about an hour with a poker strategy guru, talking strategy with her.

She’s a master of poker strategy and has taught thousands of people, including people in the U.S. and overseas.

But I asked her about her tips for making sure you’re making smart decisions with poker.

“What do you say to the people who are sitting at home, thinking, ‘Well, I just want to go for the $1,500?’,” I asked.

“Well, that’s your problem,” she said.

“I’m the person that’s going to get to you if you’re playing well.

And if you are playing poorly, you’re going to end up in a lot of trouble.

And so the idea of going for the 1,500, you need to understand what you’re doing.

You’re going out there with confidence, you have confidence. “

If you’re in the hole, you want to do it the right way.

You’re going out there with confidence, you have confidence.

You want to make a bet, but you’re not going to take your eyes off of your opponent.”

The good news is there are so many great tips out there.

But you need one key piece of advice: When it’s time to play, don’t take your eye off the game.

When it starts to feel like you’re on your own, take a moment and just get the game going.

“When you’re just going to sit there and be, ‘OK, here’s my money, here are my chips,’ you’re taking your eye away from what’s really going on,” she explained.

“You’re going, ‘No, I’m not going for that.’

You’re not looking at the table, you just want your chips, but there are other things you want.”

I’m a fan of this quote from poker pro Mark Cuban, who said, “If it’s a two-bet, it’s probably a good one.”

So, if you have to play a $5,000 hand, be careful not to take it off the table.

The only time I ever took it off, it was a couple of weeks into the session, when I thought, “I should play this hand.”

But it wasn’t until I started losing money that I decided to take a risk and start playing the other hand.

“Don’t just sit there,” she told me.

“Take the initiative.”

And I learned some important lessons from the strategy guru.

For starters, she recommended that you try to set yourself up for success by keeping your odds low, and not playing the “wrong” hand.

Another tip: “You need to play at least three games with different hands.

And then you should get comfortable with each of the different combinations.”

The trick is to have at least a two player game and then one with two players.

I’m always interested to hear what you think.

Let me know your favorite tips and tricks in the comments.

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