What are the pros and cons of using a ‘learning strategy’?

A new book by David Stoveby, Professor of Teaching and Learning at Cambridge University, looks at the different approaches to teaching learning, including cooperative learning.

The title of his new book, Learning Strategy: The Psychology of Cooperative Learning, is a bit tongue in cheek, but his approach to learning has a lot of promise.

Stoveby says that one of the biggest obstacles to cooperative learning is the difficulty of finding teachers who share your values and interests. 

“There is a real need for more people who are passionate about teaching and learning to get involved, he says. 

But, he adds, “there is a huge amount of enthusiasm for learning, and so people will find themselves wanting to do more than just do a few things.”

He also suggests that when people think about cooperative learning, they often think about doing something they can get their hands on.”

It is a little bit like getting a car to do the driving and the mechanic is getting in the car and you can get the car to pick up the car,” he says, “but it is much more of a labour-intensive process than just picking up the keys and driving it.

“So when you think about what the ideal learning strategy is, it is going to be a little more labour intensive, but it will be very rewarding.”

And the key to that is to get as many people as possible involved, but not necessarily to have all the teachers on the same page.” 

Learning strategy is a series of six articles that will help you learn the value of learning, the pros of learning and the cons of learning.

Staveby says one of his main recommendations is to find a way to make learning more of an active part of your day.”

The key thing is to have an active learning, not just a passive one,” he explains.”

You need to make sure that you have some activities that are enjoyable, but also that you get a good amount of satisfaction out of the learning.

“Stovebys first book on cooperative learning was published in 2014, and he says the lessons are still relevant today. 

He says the concept of learning strategy and its application to learning can be applied to all aspects of life.”

Learning strategy can be a good tool for all of us to be able to learn more effectively and make decisions more efficiently, but especially in education, you need to be prepared to make decisions with an understanding of what is going on,” he adds.”

In education, it can be really important to be involved in learning, but you also need to learn what is happening with the students and the teachers, and understand the impact that the students are having on the learning process.” 

In the book, Stovebys argues that cooperative learning can help people in any situation, from teaching and tutoring, to helping with work and school.”

We know that it is the students’ teachers who make learning so much more enjoyable and rewarding, he explains, “so learning strategy can help to encourage teachers to be more involved in the learning of students, and to encourage the teachers to have more control of the way in which the students learn.” 

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