The ‘diversification’ strategy is getting more expensive

Business Insider is reporting that the U.S. government is trying to get the Department of Defense to spend less on the Pentagon’s diversification strategies.

It’s all part of the Defense Department’s $20 billion in new spending for the fiscal year beginning March 31.

The Defense Department had planned to spend $19 billion on diversification this year, according to a Defense Department press release from last week.

However, that spending was to be used to “address our growing need for an appropriate complement of capital for critical functions.”

However, this spending was only going to be “to the extent necessary to meet the long-term needs of our military, including for future support needs, including operations and maintenance,” the press release reads. 

In other words, it was not going to go towards any specific diversification effort, but rather to address “long-term requirements and priorities.”

According to a Reuters analysis of data provided by the Defense Science Board, the Pentagon has been spending $2.2 billion on its “diversified” plan for the last two years.

That plan, the budget office told Reuters, is “designed to meet long-range needs for critical capabilities.”

The plan includes a $2 billion fund that is earmarked for research, development, procurement and other projects that “could be expected to drive the nation’s defense modernization.”

The Pentagon also announced this week that it would be providing $1 billion to the State Department’s Foreign Military Financing program, a program that provides $3 billion in financial assistance to governments around the world, and $1.3 billion to UNICEF for its Children’s Fund.

The plan also calls for $400 million in additional funding for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

These and other funding sources will help the Defense Secretary, according the press office.

But the plan will require the department to make further investments in military technology, according Reuters.

It will also require the Pentagon to spend a little less on its $1 trillion “diversity and inclusion” strategy, which is supposed to create “new jobs for women, minorities, women-owned businesses and other Americans with disabilities.”

Reuters also notes that the budget Office’s budget is currently $2 trillion.

That’s $2,000 for every man, woman and child in the country, or nearly 2 million people.

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