Play: The best smartphone games, smartphones, and gaming apps

By Steve LacyPosted Mar 06, 2018 09:02:50One of the best smartphone gaming games to date is Grand Strategy, but the genre has its limits.For starters, the genre is hard to get into because of its high cost.For example, the base game costs $4.99, while its expansion pack, The Battle of Britain, costs $19.99.It is also […]

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How to win over India’s grand strategy and make it a success

Strategy for India’s strategic grand strategy is all the rage, with a number of influential think-tanks and companies already playing a role.But is it the best way forward?Here are some of the big issues to watch for and to understand how India’s Grand Strategy is developing.What’s the grand strategy?The grand strategy, also known as the […]

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Why do marketers need to get the strategic messaging right?

The latest marketing analytics show the importance of getting strategic messaging in front of your audiences.The findings of the latest study from The Nielsen Company, which analyzes advertising behavior, are just the latest proof that marketing isn’t just about the numbers, but how the numbers look.The Nielsen study was conducted by Nielsen Media Research in […]

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How to solve the world’s most complicated problem

A few months ago, the ABC was told that the “world’s most complex problem” was the global economic crisis.It was not until the end of September that the ABC began to receive news of the crisis’s full extent.The ABC then received an extraordinary number of questions about how to solve this “worlds most complex” problem.What […]

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Which country is best placed to hold the next domino?

The next dominos to fall are the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.The U.K. and Germany are the three largest economies, while the Netherlands has been weakened by the Brexit vote.France and Italy, the two other countries with the most domino-laden economic data, have shown no signs of weakening.The European Central Bank is due to […]

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