The cribbage Strategy

What is cribbage?It’s the method of solving problems that is most similar to programming languages like Java and C++.For example, a typical cribbage problem might look like this: How can I find the shortest path between two points in an area?The solution can be either to use a vector or to compute a function.But what […]

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What’s the best way to solve a conflict?

In the aftermath of a recent cyberattack, the term “conflict escalation” has come to refer to the efforts of both sides to escalate the conflict.But is it the right thing to do?What is the right strategy?What can be done to prevent conflict escalation?This article aims to answer these questions.Read more about Conflict escalation.Cognitive strategiesCognitive methods […]

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TFT bettors win at $4.5 billion in Blackjack Betting Strategy

The $4 billion in blackjack bettings strategy that was used to win at least $4,000 at the world’s largest online casino has been unveiled for the first time by, the website that tracks the market for the game.The strategy, called the TFT strategy, was developed by online casino operator Playdom, and uses the concept […]

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The ‘diversification’ strategy is getting more expensive

Business Insider is reporting that the U.S. government is trying to get the Department of Defense to spend less on the Pentagon’s diversification strategies.It’s all part of the Defense Department’s $20 billion in new spending for the fiscal year beginning March 31.The Defense Department had planned to spend $19 billion on diversification this year, according […]

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Why do marketers need to get the strategic messaging right?

The latest marketing analytics show the importance of getting strategic messaging in front of your audiences.The findings of the latest study from The Nielsen Company, which analyzes advertising behavior, are just the latest proof that marketing isn’t just about the numbers, but how the numbers look.The Nielsen study was conducted by Nielsen Media Research in […]

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The Southern Strategy – Wheel Strategy chart

A strategy chart is a way of showing how a company might be operating if it were to break up into three segments: investment, strategy and wheel.The strategy chart shows how the company would operate if it sold its entire business to one or more of the segments, for example, a pharmaceutical company that sells […]

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