Purina CEO apologizes for misleading media

Purina is apologizing for its marketing tactics, saying it misled the media by falsely claiming that it would not have to spend money to develop its anti-viral vaccine.

“This misinformation was intended to mislead the media into thinking that we would be spending $15 million to develop a new vaccine,” Purina’s chief executive, Mike Gershman, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement comes after a report by The Associated Press that purina had spent at least $30 million to pay for a vaccine development program to avoid being required to pay a price tag.

Purina said that it had a strategy to develop an oral anti-fungal vaccine that would be less expensive than the current formulation of the vaccine.

It also said it was committed to developing an oral vaccine that was 100% natural.

“We have taken the necessary steps to address the inaccurate reports and assure our investors that we are taking the appropriate actions to address this issue,” Gerschman said.

The AP found that Purina had bought the rights to a patent for a new anti-flu vaccine from a company called Nanotech.

The patent for the vaccine was filed in 2009.

Gersnman said the company was working to get the vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible.

The company also said that the vaccine would be more effective and safer than existing vaccines.

The vaccine was later approved by several federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food & Drug Administration.

In its statement, Purina defended its marketing of the vaccines and said that its marketing strategy “was not intended to deceive the public or others.”

“It was not intended for us to advertise to the general public, or to anyone outside of our own internal research team.

The Purina brand was never intended to advertise a vaccine, and the Purina marketing team never had the intention to mislead others,” Galshman said in the statement.

Ganshman is the CEO of the Pursonia Food and Drink company and the co-founder of Gersyman, a food company.

GERSHMAN ON PURSONIA FOOD AND DRINK Gersman also said the Purins brand would continue to be sold, but that it “will be sold in an independent manner.”

The company will also be selling the Purons brand, but the Puronia brand will be discontinued.

Gorshman also defended the Purontas brand, saying that the company’s mission is to “provide our customers with an exceptional experience.”

He said that Puronta is not selling the brand to anyone else, but “it will continue to operate under our brand and our name.”

Puronita is the company Pursona Food and drinks company that owns and operates Purina foods, beverages and snacks, as well as the company that makes Puronium brand vitamins and supplements.

Ghershman has been with Purina for 20 years.

Gieshman’s statement came a day after Purina announced that its parent company, Pursonias parent company and other entities had been suspended by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC said in its statement that Pursonas parent company had violated the FTC Act and the Trade Secrets Act, including violating rules prohibiting false or misleading statements.

The companies also had violated certain laws related to deceptive marketing and unfair business practices.

Griesman is a former senior executive at Merck & Co. and Merck’s global head of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

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