MTV Games announces first new war game since ‘Battlefront’ release

MTV Games is launching a new war strategy game this week, titled War for the Planet.

The game is part of the “War for the World” campaign, a joint initiative by MTV Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop a new series of war games based on real-world events and events in the world today.

War for The Planet is the first war game from MTV Games.

The first-ever War for The World, which will debut on the MTV Game App on Sept. 10, follows the first-person shooter “War” released in 2009 and its sequel, “Warcraft” and “Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3.”

“War for Planet is our first-of-its-kind war strategy app,” said John Krasinski, president of MTV Games, in a statement.

“It’s a great way to engage with our audience while keeping the war-game experience fresh.”MTV Games and WB Games have previously collaborated on “Warrior Cats,” which was the game behind “War of the Worlds,” the hit TV series about an apocalyptic battle between humans and orcs.

The app is available on both platforms.

War For The Planet has no multiplayer or single-player component, but it will be a game of strategic choice, with players controlling troops in real-time.

“War is a game where you can decide who to kill, how much firepower you’re willing to throw at the enemy, and whether or not you want to be the first to win,” Krasinksi said.

“There are no objective markers or objective rewards in War for War.”

Players can also choose to go head-to-head with the enemy through a tactical turn-based combat system.

In addition to a large, interactive map, players can also take on an interactive map of the planet and select the map as their battleground.

Players can then choose to focus their firepower on an enemy’s position or an objective on their side of the map, while avoiding the other player’s fire and using stealth to stay hidden.MTV’s first-partner with WB Games, Activision Blizzard, will also release a new multiplayer shooter game called “Star Wars: Battlefront.”

Star Wars: Shattered Empire, an expansion for the upcoming “Star War” game, is set to release Sept. 25.

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