How to get the most out of NBA 2K18

How to set up a custom game, tweak the graphics, and more for NBA 2k18.

If you’re new to NBA 2, we’ve put together a simple guide to getting started with the NBA 2.0 series.

If you’ve played the series before, you’ll know how it works.

To get started, go to the NBA2K website and log in.

Go to the league and pick one of the four teams, like the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New York Knicks.

You can choose to play on your home computer or online, or you can download a pre-made game for a custom system.

Once you’re in your NBA 2ks experience, you can pick the league that you want to play in, like NBA 2NBA or NBA 2Kings.

If your favorite team doesn’t show up in the list, you may have to search for it.

Then you can see which team is available in your league and which team isn’t.

Then, you simply click the name of the team in the lineup and it’ll let you play.

Once that’s all worked out, you’re ready to pick the team to start.

You should now see a team in your selection that is listed as available for your league.

That’s it.

You don’t have to play that game.

You may choose to watch it or rewatch it in the future.

For the next step, you need to make your pick.

You could make your selection based on what you saw in the previews and/or what you’ve seen online.

But you can also pick based on your own preferences and what you know about the game.

If a team is currently on your wish list and you want it to be there, you should go to their website and get it.

You’ll be presented with a list of the teams that are available for you to pick.

Now, if you’re playing a team from your favorite franchise, that will appear in the center of your roster.

If that team isn: You should know who that team is by now.

That would be LeBron James.

If you don’t, you could still see that team by clicking their name on the roster.

You’ll see that you can now play the team.

If not, go back and look.

You might have to repeat the process a couple of times to find the team that’s available.

Once a team has been added to your roster, you will get a message on your screen telling you if you want that team.

It’ll also give you a new option, “Create New Team.”

You can then choose whether to put that team on your team.

If a team you’re interested in is not listed, you have three options.

You have to manually select the team and enter it into the search box.

You also have the option of manually selecting the team from the roster and entering it in.

That’ll add the team onto your team if you don,t have the team selected yet.

This option is the only one that will let you add that team to your league list.

If all of these options work, you’ve got your team listed.

Once you’ve added it to your team, you won’t have a problem finding a game to play against that team at any time.

The only thing you’ll have to do is make sure that the team is already in your team roster.

To find out if that team has already been added, go into the game’s settings and then the league section.

The settings will show you what teams are currently available for the league you are currently in.

Then select the teams you want and then select the “Add” button.

The “Add a team” menu will then open up.

Click on the team you want, and then add it to the list.

You will now have the choice of how many games you want from that team in which to play.

You only need to select two games, so you don:t have to make that choice all at once.

After you’ve made your selections, you want them to appear in your roster for the rest of the game so that they don’t disappear.

To do that, click on the “Show Team Information” button and then “Add Team.”

If you selected a team with three or more games in the game, the next thing you want is to get a notification to your device.

When that happens, you don;t have much choice but to open the settings.

The options will show all the options available for how to add a team to the roster, including what to do when you lose that team during a game.

You can change the game difficulty by clicking the “Settings” button next to “Hardness” and then clicking the level dropdown next to the “Hard” option.

The next thing to check is the “Player Stats.”

This is the section that will tell you how many points a player has scored or assists a player have made.

This will also tell you if a player is

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