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The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has launched an investigation into whether the Federal Government’s workplace conflict resolution strategy should be changed.

The regulator’s investigation was prompted by concerns from employees and former employees about the Government’s approach to conflict resolution.

An investigation by the regulator’s consumer and workplace law team is focused on how conflict resolution is used by the Government and what tools are best used to resolve disputes.

A number of questions were asked by former employees in its investigation, including the following:Are there different approaches to conflict in the workplace?

What is the best approach to resolving conflict?

Is there a set of tools or tools for resolving disputes that the Government should be using?

What is the impact on the taxpayer of a change in how conflict is resolved?

What are the options for dealing with conflicts?

Are there any limitations on the use of existing tools?

How are conflict resolution tools being used?

Can conflict resolution policies and processes be altered to better meet the needs of the Australian public?

The regulator is looking at whether there are any policies or processes in place to address workplace conflicts in the future, and if so, how.

It is also examining whether there is a better way to resolve a dispute that is resolved through direct action, or mediation.

The Government has defended the Government-wide approach to dealing with workplace disputes.

It has said that the process to resolve workplace disputes is clear and transparent, and that the rules for resolving conflicts are based on a number of principles that have been developed by the Australian Business Law Institute.

While the Government has identified a number issues, it says it is committed to the policies and procedures set out in the Government guidelines and guidelines published by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in December 2017.

“This is the first of many investigations to be undertaken to determine whether there has been any change in Government’s policies and practices on workplace disputes,” the Government said in a statement.

Workplace disputes can be a difficult topic to tackle, and the regulator has raised concerns about the approach to resolution of workplace disputes that is being used by some government departments.

But the regulator says the Government is doing a good job in addressing workplace disputes and that its actions and policy have been effective in achieving the Government of Australia’s commitment to tackling workplace disputes through the use and protection of human rights, and in helping to reduce the costs of conflict resolution in the public sector.

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