How to avoid a costly cotton crisis

This article is part of our coverage of the global cotton industry.

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Read moreThe global cotton boom has been under way for several years, and it is likely to be a slow one.

However, there are signs that the industry may have peaked.

The Australian dollar has been at a level close to its pre-crisis low against the US dollar, with commodity prices on track to remain lower.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that the global economic outlook is bleak, with a slowdown in China and the US being among the biggest challenges.

China has been cutting back on subsidies for cotton, but the trend is not confined to China.

There is also evidence that India, Indonesia, Pakistan and other developing economies are taking steps to reduce subsidies, with the US looking to help.

The slowdown in cotton production is likely not the only reason why the industry is under pressure.

The cost of cotton is likely also to be one reason.

A global supply chain is being stretched.

In Australia, the global supply chains are being disrupted by a combination of factors.

A combination of changes in the price of cotton and other commodities, such as ethanol, have pushed up the cost of the commodity, making it more expensive for producers to make.

The global demand for cotton is also rising.

There are two reasons for this, both of which are affecting Australia.

First, the price rises of cotton have reduced the profitability of cotton-growing companies.

In some cases, they have been forced to cut their staff, leaving some farmers without a job.

Second, the world has been importing more cotton, with China now the world’s biggest exporter.

Australia’s cotton crop is expected to be around 100 million tonnes this year, down from the 110 million tonnes that were produced in 2015.

The decline in cotton is primarily due to two factors.

Firstly, the decline in global supply is slowing.

China and India have cut back on their subsidies.

The second factor is the shift in the world market towards ethanol.

The US and other major exporters are seeing increased demand for their commodities, as the global price of ethanol is falling.

The price of corn, the primary ingredient in ethanol, has been falling, which has led to a surge in demand.

There has been a boom in ethanol production in the US, which is now exporting more than $US20 billion worth of ethanol in the first half of the year.

This has created an enormous supply gap for producers.

Farmers in the Northern Territory, which receives $US12 million a year from the state’s $10 billion subsidy, are worried that if they do not get their cotton prices down, they will be unable to survive.

In NSW, a farm in the south of the state has received a subsidy of $US4.3 million to cover its costs.

But with prices at their lowest in more than a decade, many are now struggling to get by.

In New South Wales, the situation is even worse.

There are some areas that are being hit hard by this shift, but many farmers there have been paying a very high price for cotton.

“The prices of cotton are just going up, but it’s not going to last forever,” says James, a farmer in the state.

“We’re getting pushed around by the ethanol and the price changes.”

Another farmer in NSW, James, has had to sell a part of his crop to raise money to pay for his debt.

He has been forced into bankruptcy.

“I don’t think I can make it through next year.

We’ve got a bit of a hole in the budget, but we’re still hoping that things will turn around.”

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