Civ 6’s new keystone strategic strategy will help guide players through the game’s major quests and events

6th September 2018 16:01:03Civ 6’s Keystone Strategy will be part of the game on launch.

It will guide players as they explore the world of Avon and discover new gameplay mechanics, new weapons, and new items.

It’ll also introduce new quests, events, and items that will help players progress through the campaign.

“You’ll start out with all the basic skills, and then it’s your turn to get your hands dirty, so you’ll want to pick a side and do something a bit different,” lead designer Jonathan Harker told me in a recent interview.

“You can get a good sense of what your choices are going to be based on your actions and how the game plays out.

You might choose to go back to your old friend and have a new friendship formed.

That could be something that helps you survive the events of Avons Campaign or maybe even save your daughter.

You’ll be able to choose the outcome of all these different quests and the story you choose to tell as you play through the campaigns.”

Players will be able access all of these options in the new map-based campaign mode, and they’ll also have the option to set up a personal story with their friends or take on a solo campaign.

The game will feature a campaign mode that will allow players to complete a variety of missions to advance their campaign and help them earn XP.

“There’s a number of ways you can do that,” Harkers said.

“The first is through your character’s story arc.

You can start off with the main story and get the story started, or you can go back and finish off some of the other story missions.””

But then you can start doing side quests as well, like maybe doing a quest where you do a little bit of extra work for the character, and that’s going to lead to some kind of reward.”

Once the main campaign has been completed, it’ll be time to tackle the side missions, which will lead players through a variety that’s tied to the campaigns progression.

Players will be introduced to new characters that will make up their first faction, and those will have the ability to unlock a new set of weapon attachments, new types of items, and other new gameplay features.

“The second thing that we’re going to do is you’ll start to see a lot of the new weapons in Avons campaign, and you’ll be going into the campaign in a new armor,” HARKERS said.

You’re going into this new world with a whole new set that’s coming with this new expansion.

You know, they’re not all the same weapons, but there are some of them that you might think are the same.

So, that’s where we’re seeing the evolution of those weapons and armor.

“So you’ll find new armor, you’ll see some new weapons.

You’ve got some new perks that you can find.

You start to find that kind of diversity of things that you’ll come across in Avon.”

Harkers explained that there’s a lot more to Avons than the campaign and that there are multiple story missions to be completed, and players will have multiple characters to choose from.

The campaign will also be available for free on Xbox One, and the team is also working on a new patch for the PC.

“It’s going in a pretty big way in the next few weeks,” Halkers said, and we’ll be looking forward to playing through it in the coming weeks.

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